Peter Smith Freelance Web Design New Site Launched

It has been 3 years since I last rebuild this site and since then quite a lot has changed in web design with the focus now on web sites being mobile friendly due to the simple fact that most people today own smart phones and use them to browse the web and communicate with friends and family etc, as much as they use a laptop or desktop computer.

People tend to use their mobile device to check out a web site to make sure they can find the service or product that they require usually because it is convenient when they are out of the house, then when they return they will use their laptop or desktop PC to actually find out more about the product or service and if they are happy make a purchase.

So from this perspective it is important to make sure that it is easy to navigate around the site on mobile devices, as they say first impressions count, if a potential customer cannot use the site on a mobile device and find the information about the product or service easily they will just hit the back button and go to a competitors web site that is mobile friendly.

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