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If you need to register domain name for your business, club, group etc, you are in the right place registering a domain name via my web store Source Host is easy you can register a wide range of domains at very affordable and competitive prices.

If you are new to the web and just getting started online registering a domain name can be a daunting task, my domain name registration and domain hosting services make registering a domain to create a web presence easy, so that you can turn your domain name into your own personal internet address.

What Are Domain Names?

If you are wondering what a domain name is, the answer is that a domain name is simply a name that is used to identify a computer or computers that are connected to the network that are available on the internet, the name is a component of a web sites URL, this type of domain name is also known as a hostname.

Hostnames are the most common type of domain name and they provide more memorable names for us humans, such as which is much easier to read and remember than an IP address such as which is definitely not memorable or as easy to read and identify as the IP address of a specific web site.

The use of domain names allows internet users to easily search, locate, navigate to and visit web sites and communicate with other people using email, instant messaging, video calls and social networks etc, on the internet today.

Domain Name Registration Services

The cost of registering a domain name varies widely and depends upon the domain names TLD (Top Level Domain name) or domain extension, every domain name ends in a top level domain name, which is either one of a small list of generic names (gTLD) that contain three or more characters, for example .com or .name or a two character country code name (ccTLD), such as .uk or .fr

When you register a domain you usually pay for 1 or 2 years registration, this does not mean that you actually own the domain name, but it does mean that nobody else can use or register it until you stop paying the fees and it is released, it is also a good idea to buy a hosting package at the same time it will make administration and paying renewals a lot easier.

Registering a domain name is very easy via my web store Source Host with prices starting at £8.99 per year for domains, plus lots of great features to help you to get your name on the web, you can find detailed information about domain registration prices on my web store Source Host

If you need to register a domain name, but the task seems rather daunting or you just don’t know where to start I can deal with this for you, there is an administration fee of £20 for this service.

How To Register A Domain Name

Registering a domain name is very easy via my web store Source Host with prices for domain name registration starting at £8.99 per year for domains using the domain search tool or you can search for and register a domain name directly from this page using the domain search tool below.

Searching for a domain name to register is easy just follow the 3 simple steps below.

  1. Enter the domain name that you wish to search for in the text input field in the form below then select the domain extension using the drop list on the right and click the button marked Search
  2. This will load the domain availablity checker page on my web store and if the domain is available to register it will be displayed in the page
  3. Next click the button marked Add Domains to Basket and enter your details to create your Source Host customer account and proceed to check out to complete the registration process

Domain Name Availability Search Tool


Registering a domain name is easy just enter the domain name in the text field in the form above and then select the domain extension from the drop list on the right and then click the button marked Search...

Domain Name Search Tips

Before you register a domain name for your web site take some time to think about a suitable domain name most of the single word domains have been registered, so the domain name will probably contain multiple words, these can be separated with hyphens to make them more readable for humans and easy to remember or you can concatenate the words into one word.

Have a think about different variations of the domain name and make notes so that you can build a list of suitable alternative domain names if your first choice of domain name is unavailable then you can try one of the other appropriate domain names or try a different domain extension.

Keep the domain name short so that it is easy to remember and actually describes the purpose of the web site or business if possible, if the domain name is for a business you can use the name of your town and the products or services in the domain name, for example www.bloggs–kitchens–

It is worth pointing out that a domain name that describes the purpose of a business etc does not mean that the domain name is search engine friendly, this is a myth as the domain name of my business web site clearly demonstrates, I market my business as Peter Smith Freelance Web Design yet the domain name for my business is

If you are developing a brand it may be worth considering registering the domain under all extensions in order to protect the domain from cyber squatters so they cannot make a profit from or damage the brand, this also applies to limited companies.

Web Design & Web Hosting Service Enquiries

If you would like more information about the web design or web hosting services that I provide or you would like to make a general enquiry or just to ask me a question, please feel free to get in touch.