New Web Design Web Site Launched


After many, many months of thinking about the job followed by many more months being just too busy made it easy to put the job off longer and spending more time thinking about it then finally I got the opportunity to do the job I had to quickly plan how to finally rebuild this web site and integrate it with my web store Source Host and make it easier to intergrate further in the future and maintain the site and make it easier for clients to access their customer accounts and use the web site.

It is now possible for clients and new customers to search for domain and create a new account if they are a new customer and then register the domain in a couple of minutes, it also means that my clients can also login to their Source Host customer control panel to pay renewal fees for any products or sevices within their account such as the domain name and hosting package for their web site and they can also buy Addon products such as Microsoft Exchange Business email or go Mobi mobile web site builder and lots of other great products and services at very affordable prices.