Harwoods Mobiles New Web Site Launched

The owner of Harwoods Mobiles wanted to be able to make changes on their existing WordPress web site but the interface was not intuitive and difficult to use, because the site used a Divi theme which made even adding content to a page was a difficult and tedious process.

This is not how using WordPress should be, so I changed the theme and installed a page builder plugin that provides a much better interface that is very straight forwards and easy for the owner to use to add content to pages as they need to in future.

Harwoods Mobiles provide professional and reliable mobile phone and tablet repair services for all makes of mobiles and tablets.

Most mobile phones & tablets repaired on the same day, phones unlocked and screens replaced while you wait.


Ezi-TileFix New Web Site Launched

The owners of Ezi-TileFix decided that the original web site/store needed an upgrad due to the fact the old site was looking dated, they now have a new WordPress site using Woocommerce to provide the store functionality which allows the owners to make changes to the product prices and postage costs as required in the future.

Ezi–TileFix adhesive allows home owners, budding DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike to repair internal or external floor and wall tiles that are loose or hollow without having to remove the affected tile or damaging the surrounding tiles in 3 Ezi steps without the usual mess and disruption either, you can find more detailed information about Ezi–TileFix on the web new site, just click on the link below.


Thompson & Son Landscaping New Web Site Launched

Thompson & Son Landscaping provide a wide range of landscaping and gardening services for both domestic and commercial customers in Lytham St Annes and throughout Lancashire at very competetive prices.

The owners of Thompson & Son Landscaping decided that they needed a web site in order to help them to market and promote the wide range of landscaping and gardening services that they provide and to make it easy for new customers to find them and get in touch.


Flamingo Land Caravan Rental New Site Launched

The owners of Flamingo Land Caravan Rental needed a web site to market and promote their beautifully appointed private luxury caravan located at the Flamingo Land holiday resort and theme park in North Yorkshire, in order to provide information about the carvan and make it easy for potential clients who wish to rent the cararvan to get in touch and make bookings.



Elite Aerials Ltd Blackpool New Site Launched

Elite Aerials Ltd provide wide range of TV aerial and satellite dish installation and upgrade services at very competitive and affordable prices throughout Blackpool and the Fylde coast.

The owner of Elite Aerials Ltd decided that it was time to upgrade their web site and add information about the new services and products thas they provide in order to continue marketing and promoting the business online and attract new customers and make it easier for existing customers to get in touch.


Ace Decor New Web Site Launched

Ace Decor New Site Launch

Ace Decor of Lytham St Annes provide decorating services for both domestic and commercial customers at very competetive and afforable prices throughout the local area and Lancashire. 

The owner of Ace Decor decided that they needed a web site in order to help them to market and promote their business and to make it easy for existing and new customers to find them and get in touch.


PressureWise Cleaning New Web Site


PressureWise Cleaning provide pressure washing services for both domestic and commercial customers cleaning all types of driveways, paths and patios at very competetive and afforable prices throughout the local area and Lancashire. 

The owner of PressureWise Cleaning decided that they needed a web site in order to help them to market and promote their business and to make it easy for new customers to find them and get in touch.


Peter Smith Freelance Web Design New Site Launched

It has been 3 years since I last rebuild this site and since then quite a lot has changed in web design with the focus now on web sites being mobile friendly due to the simple fact that most people today own smart phones and use them to browse the web and communicate with friends and family etc, as much as they use a laptop or desktop computer.

People tend to use their mobile device to check out a web site to make sure they can find the service or product that they require usually because it is convenient when they are out of the house, then when they return they will use their laptop or desktop PC to actually find out more about the product or service and if they are happy make a purchase.

So from this perspective it is important to make sure that it is easy to navigate around the site on mobile devices, as they say first impressions count, if a potential customer cannot use the site on a mobile device and find the information about the product or service easily they will just hit the back button and go to a competitors web site that is mobile friendly.

Data Centre Power Failure Update

Over the past few days since the power failure in the hosting comapnies data centre in Leeds I have been monitoring all of my clients web sites especially those that rely on MySQL databases as well as my own and everything appears to be stable although some sites may be slow to load, due to the massive amount of traffic flowing in and out of the data centre in the aftermath of this event.

From the information provided by the hosting company responsible for the data centre the power failure was caused by a fault in a voltage sensing device which triggered an alarm and the power system then shut down power in order to protect the system and then the UPS power supply kicked in 9 seconds later and power was restored.

The problem is that computers don’t like it when you shut off the power supply, and when you switch the power back on they don’t just carry on as if nothing happened, someone has to push the power button and hard reboot the machine, in this case the system admins had to hard reboot 15.000 servers, which has to be done in a certain order and is not a trivial task by any means.

It is now 5 days since the power failure and there are still many servers still down and customers sites offline and the system admins are still working to get them online, which clearly demonstrates the gravity of this event and its effect, fortunately all my sites and my clients were back online within hours, so its impact was minimal in that respect, I can only apologise for any inconvenience this caused. 

Power Failure Web & Mail Servers Offline

Yesterday I got a few calls from clients reporting that they could not send or recieve emails and that their web sites were down, when I checked I found this site was offline as was my hosting store Source Host and the system status page was also offline along with all of my clients web sites every site I tried to browse returned a 404 error.

When I checked the hosting company’s own system status page it stated that they had suffered a power failure mid afternoon within the data centre which had the effect of shutting down all the machines in one of the halls within the data centre, the system administrators were quickly on hand to start working restarting all the servers resolving any issues.

By late afternoon the admins had got the mail servers up and running and email traffic was begining to flow, I started to recieve emails sent 2 to 3 hours earlier, fortunately no email data had been lost during the time the mail servers went dark, but the webmail interface has been disabled while they rebuild the servers from backups.

I spent the rest of the evening monitoring the situation keeping an eye on the system status page and the companies FaceBook page for updates and slowly my clients sites started to come online as the admins continued working to restart all the servers and get everything back online, and get the system stable again as quickly as possible.

After a while all my clients sites that do not rely on a MySQL database started to come back online slowly mine included, but all the sites that use MySQL databases were still returning 404 or 503 errors, but after a couple more hours the Cube Cart stores came online and then all the WordPress sites, it was 10:30pm before all of my clients sites and my own were back online much to everyones relief.

Hopefully things will become more stable over the next few hours as the system admins get everything under control again.

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.