New Web Site Launched For Vehicle Inspection Pits UK Ltd


I have just completed another web design project for a new client who runs a small local business Vehicle Inspection Pits UK Ltd who specialise in maufacturing prefabricated vehicle inspection pits for commercial garages and MOT testing stations on a national level.

With no proper internet presence the project was for a single page web site in order to get their foot on the ladder and begin to build their online presence and raise the profile of the business and market their products and services more effectively and make it easier for for existing customers to get in touch and attract new customers as well.


RSS News Feed Added


As part of the web site update I have added an RSS feed to the site to make it easier for web hosting customers and web design clients to keep up to date with news about the products and services that we have to offer here at Source Host and news about new web design projects that I have recently completed, with automatic updates each time the feed is updated without having to visit the web site to check for news.

Using the RSS news feed is very easy, just click on the little icon in your browsers tool bar or the one at the bottom of this page to visit the news feed directly. The news feed contains snippet or quick summary of each news item displayed here in this page to make it easy to scan them quickly for news that is of interest. If you want to get updated automatically every time the feed is updated you need to subscribe to the news feed.

Subscribing to the news feed is very easy, and only takes a few mouse clicks, first navigate to the feed and then click on the link at the top of the news feed page that is marked “Subscribe to this feed” to add the feed to your Favourites Centre in the Internet Explorer web browser. Under the Mozilla Firefox web browser click on the button that is marked “Subscribe Now” to bookmark the feed and under the Opera web browser click on the button that is marked “Subscribe” to bookmark the news feed. Unfortunately Google Chrome does not play ball you will need to use a feed reader.

Source Host Web Site Updated


While I was busy resolving the issue with the VPS customisation UI I also took the time to update the web site to reflect all of the recent changes to the system and the services and products on offer here at Source Host web site and also make a few tweaks and changes to the web site to tidy it up the look of the site at the same time.

Apart from giving the look of the main part of the web site a lift the greatest changes have been to the Customer Control Panel interface in order to provide access to management and administration tools for all of the new products and services like the dedicated servers and VPS servers and it looks absolutely great.

I am really pleased with the changes to the customer control panel it has really made a big difference to the look which is much cleaner and a lot nicer as well as making it easier to locate and navigate around the different sections to manage any products, addons or services and renewals etc, within the customer control panel, providing a much more attractive environment and user friendly interface when you need to manage any aspects of your Source Host customer account.

The Help & Support section within the customer control panel was also in a broken state and I am glad to announce that I have now resolved the issues and everything is now working as expected, when a page containing questions and answers loads in your browser the pages are no longer broken and all of the answers are closed and when you click on a question to reveal the answer it appears within a lightbox and the page is greyed out so you can focus on the answer without distraction and it looks great!

VPS Customisation And Purchase Fixed


I am glad to report that the issue with the VPS customisation that had occured since a recent update has now been resolved! and it is now possible to create your own customised VPS server or servers using the brand new UI (User Interface) with snazzy draggable sliders shown in the image here on the right
Just like those in the adverts on TV for cheap loans!

Our VPS provide the perfect solution for advanced websites, apps and programmes that require increased flexibility, power and control, without the cost of a dedicated server, VPS are ideal for small businesses and agencies demanding cutting edge technology at a great price. Using the latest Dell and Intel hardware for maximum performance and uptime.

VPS Customisation And Purchase Broken

At the moment due to a recent upgrade to the VPS section of the store that allows customers to customise a VPS is broken and the prices do not update to reflect the selections visitors make and the add to basket button is broken so it is not even possible to buy VPS servers at the moment. I have now started to update the site to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, once the updates are applied, customers will be able to use “Sliiiders” to create a customised VPS server to your own specification.
I will post an update here as soon as the issue is resolved.