Web Design Price Guide

web design price guideThis page contains a price guide to provide a better insight into the costs involved to get a new web site online in order to promote and market a business, club, group or individual as well as the cost to actually run the site after it has been built and launched.

Due to the fact that each web site design project and client have their own unique requirements and needs it is simply impossible for me to provide an accurate and specific list of prices for different web sites, but the information below will give you a good idea of the real cost of building and running a web site.


How Much Does It Cost to Build A Web Site?

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Getting a web site online in order to effectively promote and market your business is not as expensive as you may have previously thought. The total cost for building a web site can be easily broken down into three separate parts, domain registration, hosting package and actually building the web site itself.

Domain Name Registration

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You will need a domain name for your web site, a domain name acts as the address that is easy for humans to remember, rather than having to remember and type the IP address for the server to visit the site, the cost to register a domain name varies depending upon the type of domain, the .co.uk domains are the least expensive they can be registered for less than £20 for 2 years via my web hosting store Source Host.

You can find more detailed information and register domains directly from my web site here

Web Hosting Packages

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A web hosting package is also required to provide space on a web server where the files that make up the web site reside and a certain amount of bandwidth each month, like a mobile phone tariff, plus a wide range of features and services such as MySQL databases, POP3 mail boxes, the cost of hosting packages varies, the lowest cost web hosting package I provide via my web store Source Host is £29.88 for 12 months.

You can find more detailed information about hosting packages here

Web Site Design & Build

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Finally the cost is for having a web site designed and built to promote and market the products or services that you provide, unfortunately due to the fact that each web site design project and client have their own unique requirements it is impossible to provide a list of accurate prices for web site designs, ultimately the cost of a web site is determined by the number of hours I work on the web site based on my hourly rate of £15 GBP per hour and the complexity of the web site project.

A simple site consisting of a homepage a page containing a description of the services the business provides and a contact page would only take 2 or 3 hours to set up using text and images the client has supplied, an hour to install WordPress and all the required plugins and configure them, plus time spent dealing with choosing an appropriate theme and making customisations.


eCommerce Web Stores


If you have a business that provides products or services from home or a retail outlet and you would like your own web site to promote and market your business and sell directly from your own web site eCommerce functionality can be integrated into the web site in order to provide a solution that is appropriate to your specific needs and requirements.

The solution will depend upon how many products you sell, for example if you have less than 50 products you wish to sell using PayPal buy now or shopping cart buttons would provide a simple solution or if you had hundreds of product ranges that are continually increasing in number then a full blown prebuilt solution like Cube Cart would be more cost effective.

A prebuilt solution like a Cube Cart store will allow you to create as many categories of product ranges or types that you may require as well as allowing you to add as many products as you need to, it has modules for different payment gateways and shipping methods, plus reporting tools to help you to keep track of sales and stock etc, and manage the store and customers.

Using the services of a payment gateway provider like PayPal means you can take payments from customers securely via their web site, so that you do not have to handle customers credit card information and the headache of storing this data securely, paying for SSL certificates, which will increase overheads and your work load.

These problems are abstracted away by the payment gateway provider, who takes a small percentage per transaction in payment for providing a secure reliable service, then once your sales levels and the number of transactions are high enough level it may then be worth paying a monthly fee to take advantage of the lower transaction rates on offer.

Web Design & Web Hosting Service Enquiries

If you would like more information about the web design or web hosting services that I provide or you would like to make a general enquiry or just to ask me a question, please feel free to get in touch.