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If you need a web hosting package for your business, club, group web site, you are in the right place I provide a range of feature rich hosting packages at very affordable and competitive prices via my web store Source Host providing a solid and reliable hosting platform.

If you are new to the web and just getting started online buying a web hosting package can be a daunting task, my web hosting services make buying a hosting package for your web site to creating a presence online easy, providing feature rich hosting packages and a reliable stable platform to host your new web site.

What Are Hosting Packages?

If you are wondering what a hosting package is, the answer is that, generally internet hosting services are provided by companys who run internet servers and allow individuals and businesses to use their servers to host and serve their own content on the internet, today there are many companys on the market offering various kinds of web hosting services and different levels of service and cost.

A common type of hosting service is web hosting and companies who offer web hosting services provide space on their web servers which clients pay an annual fee to use, and most web hosting companies usually provide a combination of services such as email hosting, DNS hosting and domain name registration services to their customers.

A web hosting package basically provides space on a web server in a data centre, this is where the files that make up a web site will reside, along with a combination of other services such as email accounts, a domain name is associated with the hosting package to identify it, so that people can easily find the web site on the internet.

Web Hosting Services & Hosting Packages

The cost of web hosting packages varies widely from one web hosting company to the next company, as do the specifications and features of each of the hosting packages that each company provides, such as the amount of disk space, the number of POP boxe or email accounts, limits on monthly bandwidth allowances, and database support and sub domains etc.

Hosting companys also provide their customers with an interface or control panel of some description so they can manage and administer the hosting package, and allow the customer to install scripts and software, set up databases create email accounts, email forwarding and perform a wide range of tasks in order to administer and maintain their web site.

The type of hosting package that is needed for a web site is actually determined by the web site itself and the web sites own needs and requirements, for example an eCommerce web store will usually require a hosting package with a high specification that has support for databases, server side scripting languages (PHP, Perl, Ruby, ASP), and SSL security certificates and lots of disk space so the store can grow, along with lots of bandwidth to cope with spikes in traffic when the store is very busy.

Whereas a simple web site for a small business, club, group or individual that consists of a single page or a few pages on the other hand would not need such a comprehensive and feature rich hosting package to host the web site, in this situation the web site would only require a basic hosting package with a small amount of disk space and bandwidth to host the web site and comfortably meet all its requirements and cope with traffic spikes when the web site is busy.

If you need to buy a hosting package, but the task seems rather daunting or you just don’t know where to start I can deal with this for you, there is an administration fee of £20 for this service.

Feature Rich Web Hosting packages

I provide three shared hosting packages with different levels of specification, that allow you to pick and choose depending on your requirements and needs, the packages vary according to disk size, bandwidth, email accounts, as well as a wide variety of tools and great features at very affordable and competitive prices.

My low cost shared website hosting provides great value hosting packages packed with features and a wide range of tools that will allow you to create the website hosting solution that meets your requirements, buying a hosting package via my web store Source Host is easy just choose a hosting package that suites your needs and click the link marked Order Now.

Home Starter

This hosting package is ideal for a club, group, individual or a small business who are just starting out and want a presence on the internet to get their foot on the ladder and provides great value for money with 10.000MB of web space, 40.000MB of monthly bandwidth and 1.000 mail boxes (POP3, IMAP) along with a whole host of other great features.

£29.88 per year Order Now

Business Starter

This hosting package is suitable for any sized business and comes with database access and blogging features and a host of tools plus it can be used for eCommerce web sites with 40.000MB of web space, 80.000MB of monthly bandwidth and 10.000 mail boxes (POP3 IMAP) along with a whole host of other great features.

£83.88 per year Order Now

Business Professional

This hosting package is perfect for large businesses web sites providing unlimited disk space, bandwidth and mail boxes to meet the needs of a high traffic and resource hungry site and the requiremnets of the target audience, plus a whole host of tools and great features, providing a robust and solid platform that delivers.

£129.00 per year Order Now

Detailed Hosting Package Information & Specifications

You can find more detailed information about each of the hosting packages that I provide and their features etc, here on my web store Source Host along with detailed information about the hosting package control panel which has been created to provide all the tools that are required to help you to make the most of your website.

Hosting Package Tips

When you are buying a hosting package use the specifications and features against the cost as a measure of value, as you shop around and check out the prices of hosting packages on different hosting providers web sites, never base your final decision and purchase a hosting package on the cost alone just because its cheap especially for a business web site.

If your business or concern and main target market are based here within and around the UK, then it only makes good sense to purchase a hosting solution provider here in the UK so that your web site is served from a data centre within the UK.

Cheap offerings from American web hosting providers may be tempting and appear to be bargain deals, but hosting a web site on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean means that the pages of your website will load slowly simply because of the huge distances involved sending the request for the page to the USA and sending the page back here to the UK.

Web Design & Web Hosting Service Enquiries

If you would like more information about the web design or web hosting services that I provide or you would like to make a general enquiry or just to ask me a question, please feel free to get in touch.