New Web Design Web Site Launched


After many, many months of thinking about the job followed by many more months being just too busy made it easy to put the job off longer and spending more time thinking about it then finally I got the opportunity to do the job I had to quickly plan how to finally rebuild this web site and integrate it with my web store Source Host and make it easier to intergrate further in the future and maintain the site and make it easier for clients to access their customer accounts and use the web site.

It is now possible for clients and new customers to search for domain and create a new account if they are a new customer and then register the domain in a couple of minutes, it also means that my clients can also login to their Source Host customer control panel to pay renewal fees for any products or sevices within their account such as the domain name and hosting package for their web site and they can also buy Addon products such as Microsoft Exchange Business email or go Mobi mobile web site builder and lots of other great products and services at very affordable prices.

ABETAKLEEN Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services


I have just completed another new web design project for a new client who wanted a new web site to help them to promote and market their business effectively and make it easy for new customers to find them and make contact, ABETAKLEEN are located in Blackpool and provide a comprehensive range of specialist deep steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services throughout Blackpool and the Fylde coast for both the domestic and commercial markets at very competitive and affordable prices.

ABETAKLEEN provide reliable and professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services for a wide range of customers in equally diverse locations from private homes, apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, public houses and clubs etc, using the latest carpet cleaning machine and appropriate fluids to flush out any soil and dirt that is trapped deep down between the fibres of the carpet and the powerful vacuum extracts the dirt & debris cleaning and deodorizing the carpet leaving it dry to the touch.

New Web Site Launched For Weybridge Fine Tiles


Another new web design project for an existing client completed, the new web site is for their newly opened showroom and retail outlet Weybridge Fine Tiles located in Weybridge, where they offer a wide range of fine tiles for all applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms etc, for both the domestic & commercial markets throughout Surrey and the South of England.

Whether you want to tile your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory Weybridge Fine Tiles provide a comprehensive and integrated service and their friendly and helpful staff can assist you throughout the whole process from choosing the tiles, and the initial design and preparation of subfloors and surfaces, to the supply and installation of the tiles of your choice and finishing touches, providing customers with the best in hard finishings at very competitve prices, for more detailed information just click on the link below.


New Web Site Launched For Ezi–TileFix


I have just completed a new web design project for an existing client, the web site is for a new product Ezi–TileFix adhesive for repairing hollow or loose wall or floor tiles without the need to remove or replace the tiles and without damaging any of the surrounding tiles, this great new product is the only hollow and loose tile repair product of its kind available to the public in the UK at the moment.

Ezi–TileFix adhesive allows home owners, budding DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike to repair internal or external floor and wall tiles that are loose or hollow without having to remove the affected tile or damaging the surrounding tiles in 3 Ezi steps without the usual mess and disruption either, you can find more detailed information about Ezi–TileFix on the web new site, just click on the link below.


New European Cookie Laws #Update#


Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to study the guidelines for the European Cookie Laws on the Information Commissioners Office ICO web site and I have also been in touch with the staff at the ICO via email for some guidance due to the fact that the wording of the guidelines is rather ambiguous regarding web sites that do not place cookies in visitors browser cache for any purpose.

The wording of the information on the ICO web site regarding the new and impending European Cookie Law was also ambiguous and stated that the new law affects “all” web sites and web site operators, plus the guidance documents only discuss sites that do use cookies, but the guidance document does not state clearly and unequivovcally that the law does not apply to web sites that do not use cookies.

Unfortunately this leaves the guidelines open to interpretation and the creation of grey areas with respect to sites that do not use cookies, so in order to gain some clarity and guidance regarding web sites that do not use cookies I emailed the ICO and the good news is that the new European Cookie Law does not apply to web sites that do not place cookies in their visitors browser cache for any purpose, which applies to all of my web design clients and their web sites.

Although my clients web sites don’t place a cookie in a visitors browser cache it is still a good idea to actually let visitors know that this not happening and what the web site owner/operator does with any information submitted via the web site, in order to build trust with visitors and as a best practice for greater transparency and to allow visitors to make more informed choices about which web sites they use and trust as they browse the web.

This is easily implemented by adding a Privacy Policy or updating the existing policy to include detailed information to let visitors know if the site uses cookies or not and what information the site does collect, such as the data in the server logs like the users IP address or the referrer along with information about what the site owner/operator does with this data/information.

In the future all new web sites will contain a link on every page in a prominent position at the top of the page in the header area of the page within the main navigation panel marked Cookies & Privacy that leads to the Privacy Policy page for the web site, in the case of a single page web site the link will lead to a section of the web site at the bottom of the page containing the Privacy Policy information, in order to ensure that it is easy for visitors to find and access this information.

Over ther next few weeks I will create some “Boiler Plate” Privacy Policy text in order to provide an affordable and simple solution for existing web sites to either upgrade an existing or add a new Privacy Policy to the web site whether it is a single page or a pages web site. Check back for further updates.

You can see an example by clicking on the link in the news item below ↓

New Web Site Launched For Novello Restaurant & Bar Lytham


I have just completed another web design project a web site rebuild project for an existing client, who owns a very popular local Italian restaurant and bar located in Lytham, I built their existing web site a couple of years ago because the original web site was looking dated, but since I built the existing web site the business has developed and there have been quite a few changes and the web site did not reflect this.

So the owner decided that it was time for a web site redesign to reflect the changes and give the web site a fresh new look, in order to continue to present the restaurant in a professional manner, ready for the golf Open Championship at the Royal Lytham St Annes Golf Club and the arrival of thousands of hungry golf fans in the local area, and the new web site was launched successfully on the 16 of July a couple days before the championship started.

New European Cookie Laws


Many of my web design clients are probably wondering if the new European laws that define what details web sites can record in plain text files called cookies that recently came into force on the 26 May 2012 applies to their business web site, the answer in most cases is yes, but please don’t worry you are not going to get into trouble.

Although the sites in most cases don’t place a cookie in a visitors browser cache it is still a good idea to actually let them know this not happening, in order to build trust with visitors and comply with the new laws, during the next few weeks I will study the guidelines on the Information Commissioners Office ICO web site and create a simple affordable solution that I can easily roll out across all of my clients web sites in order to comply with the new laws and provide visitors with clear information that the web site does not place any type of cookie in the browsers cache.

At the moment most of the governments web sites are not compliant with the new European cookie laws, so the ICO are not going to take legal action against none compliant web sites they are going to monitor the situation and offer help instead, which is not surprising really considering that very few web sites are already compliant, so it would be a nightmare if not impossible to force millions of web site owners to comply, it is better to point out the positives and encourage people to become compliant as a best practice for greater transparency and improved security for visitors to their site.

Informing visitors whether the web site they are visiting is placing cookies in their browsers cache or not is definitely going to allow visitors to make more informed choices as they browse the web in the future, as more web sites become compliant which in turn will make it harder for those who do abuse cookies to operate making the web safer.

Check back for any further news and updates.

New Web Site Launched For Vehicle Inspection Pits UK Ltd


I have just completed another web design project for a new client who runs a small local business Vehicle Inspection Pits UK Ltd who specialise in maufacturing prefabricated vehicle inspection pits for commercial garages and MOT testing stations on a national level.

With no proper internet presence the project was for a single page web site in order to get their foot on the ladder and begin to build their online presence and raise the profile of the business and market their products and services more effectively and make it easier for for existing customers to get in touch and attract new customers as well.


RSS News Feed Added


As part of the web site update I have added an RSS feed to the site to make it easier for web hosting customers and web design clients to keep up to date with news about the products and services that we have to offer here at Source Host and news about new web design projects that I have recently completed, with automatic updates each time the feed is updated without having to visit the web site to check for news.

Using the RSS news feed is very easy, just click on the little icon in your browsers tool bar or the one at the bottom of this page to visit the news feed directly. The news feed contains snippet or quick summary of each news item displayed here in this page to make it easy to scan them quickly for news that is of interest. If you want to get updated automatically every time the feed is updated you need to subscribe to the news feed.

Subscribing to the news feed is very easy, and only takes a few mouse clicks, first navigate to the feed and then click on the link at the top of the news feed page that is marked “Subscribe to this feed” to add the feed to your Favourites Centre in the Internet Explorer web browser. Under the Mozilla Firefox web browser click on the button that is marked “Subscribe Now” to bookmark the feed and under the Opera web browser click on the button that is marked “Subscribe” to bookmark the news feed. Unfortunately Google Chrome does not play ball you will need to use a feed reader.

Source Host Web Site Updated


While I was busy resolving the issue with the VPS customisation UI I also took the time to update the web site to reflect all of the recent changes to the system and the services and products on offer here at Source Host web site and also make a few tweaks and changes to the web site to tidy it up the look of the site at the same time.

Apart from giving the look of the main part of the web site a lift the greatest changes have been to the Customer Control Panel interface in order to provide access to management and administration tools for all of the new products and services like the dedicated servers and VPS servers and it looks absolutely great.

I am really pleased with the changes to the customer control panel it has really made a big difference to the look which is much cleaner and a lot nicer as well as making it easier to locate and navigate around the different sections to manage any products, addons or services and renewals etc, within the customer control panel, providing a much more attractive environment and user friendly interface when you need to manage any aspects of your Source Host customer account.

The Help & Support section within the customer control panel was also in a broken state and I am glad to announce that I have now resolved the issues and everything is now working as expected, when a page containing questions and answers loads in your browser the pages are no longer broken and all of the answers are closed and when you click on a question to reveal the answer it appears within a lightbox and the page is greyed out so you can focus on the answer without distraction and it looks great!