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Useful Links And Resources

This page contains links to many other web sites that contain useful information and resources etc.

Quick Links:
The W3C and W3Schools
General web developement
Quick Links:
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a international consortium where member organizations, a fulltime staff , and the public work together to develope Web Standards.
The W3C’s mission is:
To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long–term growth for the Web.
Link to the W3C web site

The W3Schools web site.
At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP. The site covers all Web-building technologies, including W3C standards like HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML and other technologies like JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL and much more. There are thousands of cut-and-paste examples and with the on-line HTML editor you can edit the examples and experiment with the code on-line.
Link to W3Schools web site

Markup Validation:
The W3C Markup Validation Service, is a free service that checks Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. Documents can be validated by URL, file upload, or direct input.
Markup Validator

CSS Validation:
Welcome to the W3C CSS Validation Service; a free service that checks Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in (X)HTML documents or standalone for conformance to W3C recommendations.
CSS Validator
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General Web Developement
Vincent Flanders Web pages that suck.
This is a great web site Vicent Flanders discusses and looks at bad web design, there are lots of examples of bad web design techniques so you can learn and avoid making these mistakes.
Jacob Nielsens web site contains many papers and essays on web design and usability check out the information on heuristic evaluation the most popular type of useability inspection methods.

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Jacob Neilsen
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Lorem ipsum Generator.
Lorem ipsum is used by the typesetting industy as dummy text,it has been the industry standard dummy text since 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scambled it to make a specimen book.

Web Style Guide
Web site on web site design and developement the site covers all aspects of of creating a web site very comprehensive and detailed information. The site is a great resource.
I would recommend bookmarking this site.
Web Style Guide

Web Standards Project(WASP|)
The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.

Watchfire WebXtract
This site provides a service that allows you to test your web pages for quality, accessibility and also privacy issues too.

This site is absolutely packed with web developement information. There are articles and tutorials, web site tools, tips and tricks from HTML basics to Flash animation or Photoshop tutorials, learn about PHP or MySQL.
I recommend bookmarking this web site.

indexDOT The advanced HTML/CSS resources
This site has lots of information about both HTML & CSS and fulfills the authors aim as a practical reference resource.
I recommend bookmarking this web site.
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W3C Hypertext Markup Language (html) Homepage
This is the W3C’s homepage for html activity you can find the HTML & XHTML specifications and guidelines on how best to use HTML & XHTML plus information about web technology etc.

WDG The Web Design Group.
The site offers material on a wide range of HTML topics. The Web Design Group is comprised of a globally recognised group of web authoring experts who got together in 1996 to provide guidance and instruction to web authors at all stages of developement.
I would recommend bookmarking this site.
This is a good web site with lots of tutorials on HTML for beginners and there are more advanced tutuorials as well as information about CSS.
html dog

The web site provides a comprehensive guide to creating web sites for both beginners and professionals.
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W3C Cascading Stylesheets Learning CSS
This is basically the starting point for learning about and learning to use CSS. You will find everything you need on this site to learn about CSS.

Zen Garden
This is a great web site that aims to inspire people to take CSS seriously. The site demonstrates the power of CSS to create beauty from structure.
Zen Garden

CSS Vault
The site has lots of information on CSS and using CSS also there are lots of web sites that use CSS to look at as well.
CSS vault

Web Site Tips
This site contains lots of comprehensive and detailed information on web developement. The sites CSS section contains articles and tutorials on CSS and CSS browser bugs and solutionsand much more
I recommend bookmarking the site.
Web Site Tips
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Dynamic Drive.
Very popular web site for FREE dhtml and Javascripts to enhance a web site.
Dynamic Drive

Web Reference
This is one of the oldest and well respected web developement sites on the web. The site covers authoring html to advanced web design.
Web Reference

DHTML Goodies
This web site is basically a librarie of DHTML (JavaScripts) and Ajax scripts.
Tools and scripts for web developers and there are lots of JavaScripts that can be downloaded for FREE from the site.

JavaScript for beginners very easy to follow simple tutorials.

JavaScript Kit
JavaScript tutorials and other web developement tutorials plus FREE scripts.
Articles and Tips on JavaScript and there is also a forum.

JavaScript City
A guide to FREE scripts, tutorials, and resources.
This site has lots of FREE JavaScripts all the scripts have easy to follow instructions and there are also working examples of the scripts.

JavaScripts Made Easy
This is a very useful web site and a great resource.
I would recommend bookmarking this site.
JScripts made easy

Feed2JS Generator
This service creates the JavaScript necessary to display an RSS feed on a web site which automatically up–dates itself when the feed is up–dated.
This site has loads JavaScripts and software that can be downloaded for FREE.
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This is a great web site which has lots of tutorials on Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and 3D Studio Max, there are also tutorials on other aspects of web developement XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL,etc. The graphics tutorials are comprehensive, detailed and easy to follow.
I recommend bookmarking this site.
This site has lots of clip art, bullets, buttons, fonts, textures, icons, ect that can be downloaded for FREE
This site has lots of FREE photos, clip art, icons, buttons, bullets, wallpapers, web graphics, animated graphics, and much more.

The free graphics store
This site has lots of FREE graphics, backgrounds
strip backgrounds, bullets, animated GIF’s, icons etc.
Free graphics store
This is a great web site for resource for Flash developement you can find anything you will need to know about Flash and using Flash.

Image* is a large on–line photo collection all the images are available to download for FREE there are also textures too.

This site has a gallery of over 200,000 FREE stock photographs by more than 15,000 photographers.

Free Graphics Directory
This site contains links to thousands of FREE graphics.
graphics directory
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This web site has lots of FREE sound effects that you can download and use and they also sell sound CD’s, plus professional sound effects as well, there are even answering machine messages.

Wav Central
This site has all lots of sound effects and sound clips TV and Movie theme tunes, commercials all the multimedia files on the site are categorized to make searching easier lots of fun stuff.
Wav Central
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SimplytheBest Free Fonts
This web site has lots of FREE fonts that you can download, all the fonts are categorised and listed in alphabetic order to make searching easier.Also each font has its own page with proprietry details, most of the fonts are freeware and can be used by hobbyists and web developers, if you wish to use them commercially you may need to register them first.
This site has over 10,000 FREE fonts, which can be viewed in many ways such as, Latest, categories, designers, recent popularity, best, and worst rated etc.Plus if you need help installing or identifying fonts there is a help page and a forum.
This site has FREE fonts that you can download for PC and Mac, this site is a free service which is made possible by advertising, there is also a site tour to help new users get aquainted with the site.

Corons Sources of Fonts
The fonts that are archived on this web site are Truetype fonts for MS Windows, there are also Mac or Postscript/AFM versions of some of the fonts. The site also has information about creating fonts and lots of links to other sites that contain fonts.
Sources of Fonts
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