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keyboard and html code Have you ever wondered how web pages are made?

If you would like to know more about the subject then you will find all the information you need to learn the basics and get yourself started writing html here on this site.
The site is a great starting point if your just getting started with html and web content and should provide a decent learning foundation as well as providing plenty of reference material.
All of the information on the site is easy to follow and you can also download a copy of the examples to experiment with, so that you can then work and learn html at your own pace.
Find out what the difference is between html & xhtml, and what CSS is and how to use it to format the contents of a document consistently.
Find out how to prepare your working enviroment and how to gather the tools you will require to help you get started authoring html documents.

  • Information about the different types of text editors and WYSIWYG software for authoring html documents and links to vendors web sites where you can download evaluation copies of the software.
  • Information about the different types of graphics editing software, raster and vector that is available both to buy and FREE, plus links to vendors web sites where you can download evaluation copies of the software.
  • Information about the different browsers and links to the vendors web sites to download the latest versions.

Find out what an html document is, and about the documents structure, and the concept of tags and what they look like, and what attributes are, and how they can be used.
All the code examples on the site have an example web page than can be viewed in a new browser window, and the example can be downloaded as an .htm document or just the source code in a plain .txt file(Note Pad), and any images if any were used in the example.

All the downloadable examples are stored in WinRAR zip files, if you dont have the WinRAR zip file compression utility installed on your PC you can download a FREE copy here at the WinRAR web site.
More specifically the WinRAR download page, under the heading Localised WinRAR versions scroll down to the English version and then left click on the word English to open the file download dialog box and save to a directory/folder of your choice on your PC, and then install the software.

There are links to the W3Schools web site with most of the examples, where you can find more detailed information.
Learn how you can maintain consistency with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and how to create style rules, understand inheritance, and how to match elements by identifier, name or class.
There are also lots of links to other web sites where you can find all sorts of very useful information and resources to help you learn about web developement.

If you are an absolute novice to html then I suggest that you start at the basic file page and work forwards through the pages to the inline tags page, to cover the basics on how to create an html document.
Then you can work through the rest of the pages in whatever order you like.

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