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Graphics editors

A few years ago text–only  web pages were the norm, today however the web is a visual  feast.
Now web pages contain lots of images to gain the viewers attention to sell a product of some description or just keep them on the web site.
So you also need to be able to edit digital images and also create graphics such as logos, icons, banners etc to incorporate into your web pages.
Almost every PC operating system  comes with at least one graphics editor,  unfortunately the capabilities of these editors  are quite limited.
This also applies to many of the graphics  programs that come bundled with many cameras, printers, scanners and other graphics  peripherals.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CS2 Adobe Illustrator CS2 Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator CS2

There are two types of editing  programs raster–based  and vector–based  programs the vector–based editor  uses shapes and lines to create images, and the raster–based editor  uses dots (pixels) to create images.
Vector–based images are usually more exact and clear, and the raster–based images allow you to create more visually striking effects.
The best results are obtained by using both tools by creating the solid imagery with the vector  tools and then using the raster  tools to add colour, special effects and finishing work to complete the image.
Unfortunately this type of software is expensive so cost can be prohibitive Adobe Photoshop alone is about £500, but it is the best raster editng  program available.
Paintshop Pro is a capable editor  and it a lot less expensive at about £100 plus it supports both raster and vector editing,  then there is the Gimp which provides suitable editing  capabilities and it is without price you can download it for free because it is Open Source software.

Flash MX
Screenshot of Flash

Macromedia Flash which is now owned by Adobe is another tool you should consider adding to your collection, it provides an animation platform with plenty of power via ActionScript a very flexible scripting language.
Flash can be used to create simple graphics like buttons  to full blown product demos, making it an indispensible tool for on–line animation.
The two main points regarding Flash are that it has become a standard on the web that users expect, and it can provide simple and complex animations in a small package (file size ).
If your considering becoming a web developer or you are a novice web developer it is worth looking at the Macromedia Studio product line, which includes DreamWeaver, Flash, Fireworks, Director  and other products bundled together in one comprehensive package.
You can find more information and download an evaluation copy of Flash here at their web site Flash logo.
(Macromedia is now owned by Adobe)

Raster–based editors :
Adobe Photoshop Photoshop logo
Paint Shop Pro Paint Shop Pro logo
Macromedia Fireworks Freehand logo
The Gimp The Gimp logo
Vector–based editors :
Adobe Illustrator Illustrator logo
Macromedia Freehand Freehand logo

You can find out more about Adobe and their products at their web site here Adobe logo

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