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WingNut Engineering
Suppliers of high quality gaskets and seals all made to highest specification with top quality materials made to order or try our extensive range.
Gaskets and seals for plant and machinery, haulage light and commercial, high pressure vessels, exntensive range of seals and gaskets engines, pumps, water, fuel, hydraulics and much more.
Ring Seal
High quality industrial gaskets and seals for liquids or gases, oil, petrol, diesel and many other types of flammable substances we have an extensive range of products for all applications from industrial, commercial to domestic you will find the gasket or seal you need in our catalogue.
Ring Seal

Acme Gasket Co
Makers of top quality gaskets and seals to
the highest standards for industry.....

Gaskets R Us
Heavey duty gaskets and seals made to
water pumps, fuel pumps, diesel and petrol
gear boxes, track drives, hydraulic ram seals
order next day delivery.....

Grimleys Gasket Co
Makers of gaskets and seals made to order
top quality materials used in production
extensive range of seals and gaskets.....
Grimleys Gaskets.com

Bottomlys Gaskets
Industrial, Commercial or Domestic gaskets and seals made to order
productions for all apllications both wet and dry conditions
extensive range of pump seals and gaskets for gas exchangers,
high pressure vessels, for all types of combustable gases and liquids
we repair and sell all types of pumping equipment.....
Bottomleys Gaskets