Password Box Lab

This exercise demonstrates that the characters entered into a password box/field are only visually obscured
they are not encoded or encrypted
Enter up to 20 characters into the password box/field below.

Use this button to display the characters you typed into the password box.

The JavaScript does not do anything with the characters entered in the password box/field, the value of the characters is obtained from the browsers cache, and then given to a regular text input box/field, where it is then displayed.
When the user clicks on the button marked Reveal Characters a JavaScript function in the head of the document is called.
The function only does two things first it grabs the value of the password box/field and stores it in a variable called pwrdz using the following reference.In simple terms the reference is like a URL to the element in the document.
var pwrdz = document.forms['input'].pword.value;
Which basically means that the variable pwrdz holds or represents the value of the password box/field, a variable is basically a container, and in programming parlance it can hold and return a value.
The second thing the function does is to give the value it just got to the text box using the following reference.
document.forms['output'].chars.value = pwrdz;
Basically what this means is in the document in the form called output the element or text box/field chars value is equal to the variable pwrdz which causes the password characters to be diplayed unobscured in the text box/field.